" Technology should help people in their everyday life and make it easier. The applications we create for our customers in the Life assurance and financial services domain are examples for this motivation. "


  • Raise productivity and lower cost.
  • No training required for users - start using today.
  • Increased productivity by minimising data capture errors.
  • Powerfull customisation options available.
  • Integration to scanned images to support quick capturing of data.
  • OrangEforms is hosted for easy maintenance and support.


  • Provides an intuitive and powerful design environment with a single point-and-click user interface for enterprise eForms design without requiring code or back-end scripts.
  • Data are stored in XML format, promoting easy data exchange with your other business applications.
  • XML integration is customisable form the frontend.


  • Where sales-teams need to capture information, the data can be integrated into other application real-time without changing existing processes (non-intrusine to existing processes).
  • Where data capturing departments need to navigate through complex screens to capture application forms, Orangeforms can be used simplify the capturing process with minimum validation before data is integrated into other applications.
  • Where temporary staff is required for capturing of Big data volumes, OrangEforms is intuitive and easy to use to the extend where temporary staff can be efficient in the capturing process with almost no training.

Our Products

  • Electronic FormsOrangeEform is a point-and-click, easy to use hosted electronic form solution with custom xml integration functionality. View More
  • ExergyAddonsDescribing the products directly related to eregy View More
  • Client Data validation and verificationData aquisition and validation webservice from multiple data sources ensuring accurate customer data at all times. View More
  • E-CommerceA full feature comprehensive ecommerce solution with custom branding - allows rapid implementation and deployment. View More
  • Funeral Insurance selling portalA SAAS Front Office solution (Point-of-Sales) for branding and selling of funeral, micro and related insurance products View More
  • Mobile entreprise PortaleXo Platform is the first cloud-ready and mobile enabled enterprise portal and user experience platform-as-a-service View More

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